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 Steam-acoustic sprayer "Fakel"
 Mechanical cavitation sprayer "Freza"
 Steam-acoustic emulsifier head "Fakel-M"
 Stem-mechanical (ultrasonic) sprayer heads Vulkan
 Ultrasonic ignition sprayer "Fakel-R"
 Sprayers produced to technical requirements of the customer
 Steam acoustic generator

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About company

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Development-and-production enterprise Vnedrenie was established in 1992 by Kazan experimental design office Soyuz Aviaprom enterprise employees. Development of the unique device a sprayer for liquid fuel combustion - became the basis of enterprises activity. This invention has a patent of Russian Federation.


Patent for invention

Patent for invention

Patent for invention
"Method of hydrocarbon fuel combustion and a device for its realization

Patent for invention
"Method of hydrocarbon fuel combustion and a device for its realization


Enterprise Activity...

Enterprises activity is state-of-the-art solid, liquid and gaseous fuel combustion technologies development and introduction to the energetic, metallurgical works, oil-refining industry and others.



Vnedrenie became one of the leading Russian industries and got The leader of Russian economy status based on desicion of expert council in economy issues based on UNIDO techniques by the instrumentality of federal authorities.

State-of-the-art developments...

Steam-acoustic sprayer Fakel is the enterprises progressive product. Many of Russian stations and around 90% of carbon stations switched over to utilization of aforementioned sprayers for mazut kindling and combustion in boilers, for ignition and illumination in coal-fired boiler.

Massive introduction of "Fakel" sprayers is performed in Russian Federation and abroad. You can check out the list of our pertners in Our partners section.

Our awards...
Vnedrenie enterprise takes part in competitions, exhibitions, seminars, dedicated to energy-saving and municipal needs support themes.

 Letter of Recommendation

Diploma of products, goods, work and service suppliers contest winner

 ARBU "Fakel" diploma

 ARBU "Freza" diploma

Post address: 
p.o. 72,420015, Kazan, Russia

Legal address: 10 Vahitova Str.,420034, Kazan, Russia

Tel: +7 (843) 227-03-21, 227-03-22  

Tel/fax: +7 (843) 227-03-32



General Director: Kornilov Victor


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